Data Recovery

Data Recovery
Did iCloud let you down and now your data is stuck on your dead phone? It's not too late no matter what those oh-so-smart geniuses tell you. There's a very good chance your data can be recovered!

Data recovery for iPhones and iPads is only $300. Please submit a quote request if you have something else and we will see what we can do!

What about using it as a phone again?
If your cellphone hasn't been damaged by liquid, we may be able to give you a fully working phone with a 6 month limited warranty along with your data.

If your cellphone has suffered liquid damage we typically will only provide a data recovery service. Cellphone circuitry is very compact and when liquid gets inside there is no telling how much damage there really is. Some components can look perfectly fine but they may have suffered some damage that has shortened their lifespan. So even if we fix the phone and it powers on and works, there's no telling how long the phone will last.

That being said, if the damage doesn't look too severe, we may offer a reduced limited warranty upon request.